Meet our Farmers

We want to Introduce You to our Farmer's who provide so much for our island and your meal
Meet Paul and Kelly at Yogarden Hawaii in Waimanalo with their freshly harvested organic turmeric root


Back Roads Waimanalo

Yogarden’s mission is to educate the community on the importance of growing your own food and living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Through the principles of yoga philosophy and organic farming techniques, Yogarden sets a solid foundation for the growth of a conscious community.

Yogarden Farm is located on the back roads of Waimanalo, Hawaii.  Yogarden uses regenerative farming practices to rebuild the ‘aina from which the food is grown.  Their products are grown without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Farmers Kelly Stern & Paul Izak spend most of their days cultivating the land and growing food. Paul was born and raised on the Island of Oahu. Here in the islands, he was able to explore a health conscious lifestyle, which led him to find his passion for yoga, gardening, and music.  Kelly grew up in the small beach town of St. Augustine, FL, where she learned the importance of taking care of the beaches and keeping the land and water clean. Her passion for sustainability grew through consciously choosing what foods to eat and understanding where it came from. Together they have co-created many beautiful home gardens, conscious events,  and their own small-scale vegetable farm.

We use just about anything we can get our hands on from Paul and Kelly. Our most favorite from their farm is their fresh farm eggs that we use in every quiche, dish or baked treat that we make that isn’t vegan. We also source herbs like mint and fresh olena weekly as well as beets, beet greens and anything else that’s colorful and in season. 

Counter Culture

Waialua, HI

Counter Culture is operated by three friends who share a passion for organic farming and fermented foods—Rob Barreca, Daniel Leas, and Laarni Gedo. Rob is an ex-tech guy who is a graduate of GoFarm Hawai‘i  and has been involved with urban agricultural, fermented food production and brainstorming how tech can help farmers and the food system. Daniel is a jack-of-all-trades with a background in carpentry, ranching, building, farming, and creating fermented foods including cured meats. Laarni is the accounting, marketing, and sales whiz-kid who spreads the Counter Culture flavor crystals out into the world for you to enjoy!

Here at Counter Culture Food, our goal is to create tasty, nutrient-dense kimchi, sauerkraut, lacto-fermented pickles, tempeh, cornmeal, and other provisions using as close to 100% of the ingredients from our own certified organic farm. 

Meet Rob and Hunter with Counter Culture in Waialua with their truck full of fresh harvest from the farm

At Homecooked with Love, we source weekly from Counter Culture farm – anything from purple daikon radish, Kalo, cassava root or sauerkraut. It’s some of the best quality ingredients we can get our hands on, and we always feel inspired to create new recipes with their products. One of our favorites, using Counter Culture fermented daikon radish kimchi along with freshly harvested Kalo root to make our Lemongrass Kalo Kimchi Hummus. This dip is 100% sustainable and locally sourced, which is our goal 100% of the time. 

Friday Casual wear in our "Sex, Muffins, and Rock & Roll T-Shirt representing North Shore ground beef. Practicing Sustainable practices

Other Sources

Green Rows Farm   Back Roads Waimanalo, HI

Green Rows Farm 

Where we like to source most of our grass fed beef & local happy chickens. Thanks Jess!

Where we find the little things

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